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Memory Optimizer Info.
Supported Platforms:
Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/ XP / Vista
Disk Space Requirement:
100 MB free space
Price: $19.95
Minimum System Configuration Required:
Pentium Class Processor
10 MB free hard disk space for Software installation
64 Mb RAM (128 recommended)
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Poorly coded applications turn the computer slow due to memory leaks and its excessive use. Chily Memory Optimizer keeps a check on usages of memory and periodically cleans up unnecessary data that fills up the memory.

Chily Memory Optimizer is an efficient memory management tool which optimizes memory usages of your computer system and makes it work fast. The memory of the computer is freed-up periodically to provide speedy performance, faster access to system programs and installed applications thus increasing performance of your computer system.

Sometimes computer system becomes slow due to number of applications running simultaneously which takes more memory space and reduces the working performance. For example, if two applications like Adobe Photo shop and Macromedia Flash are running at the same time and heavy sized files are being created with them, then it will definitely acquire extra memory space which will lead to slow processing of other applications and programs.

In such cases, Chily Memory Optimizer works like a memory booster which optimizes the memory and frees up physical memory to speed up computer to prevent situations like computer crashes, system shutdown and memory loss.

We guarantee increased speed of up to 80% (depending on performance of the PC)

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Key Features - Memory Optimizer Software

  • Increases COMPUTER SPEED
  • Removes MEMORY LEAKS
  • Fully AUTOMATIC & EASY TO USE     Read more here >>

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