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Memory Optimizer Info.
Supported Platforms:
Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/ XP / Vista
Disk Space Requirement:
100 MB free space
Price: $19.95
Minimum System Configuration Required:
Pentium Class Processor
10 MB free hard disk space for Software installation
64 Mb RAM (128 recommended)
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Frequently Asked Questions about Chily Memory Optimizer

What is Computer Memory ?

Computer Memory is generally referred to as Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM is a temporary storage area used by the CPU. For a program or an application to be able to run, it is first loaded into the memory which then allows direct access of CPU to the program.

Computer memory is the necessity for any computer and at least 64 MB of memory is recommended for any PC to work effectively.

What is Chily Memory Optimizer ?

Chily Memory Optimizer is a RAM booster software which optimizes RAM memory and increases the speed of your computer. The memory is optimized up to 80% which also depends on the performance of the PC.

Why do I need to optimize computer memory ?

You need to have this software to have a fast running computer system. Chily Memory Optimizer will increase the speed of your slow running computer system and prevent computer crashes. Computer RAM Memory needs to be optimized from time to time to remove instances of unused memory and extra space occupied by the applications.

Will it work on my computer ?

Chily Memory Optimizer supports Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP and Windows Vista

What are the features of Chily Memory Optimizer ?

Chily Memory Optimizer is equipped with several distinguished features, some of which are;

  • 1 mouse click optimization
  • Increased computer speed
  • Easily prevents computer crashes
  • Removes memory leaks
  • No technical skills required, can be easily operated by a technical as well as non-technical user.

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What is the difference between Trial and Full version of Chily Memory Optimizer ?

The free trial version of Chily memory Optimizer is available for 30 days trial period. The software is fully functional and expires after 30 days. This means that Full version needs to be purchased after 30 days to continuously optimize your RAM memory.

How do I UnInstall Chily Memory Optimizer ?

Chily Memory Optimizer can be easily uninstalled from your computer system. Perform the following steps to remove the software from your PC :

1. Close Chily Memory Optimizer (if it is currently running)

2. Click the Start menu > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs

3. Here select Remove button to completely remove the software

Do you offer technical support for Chily Memory Optimizer ?

Yes, we do offer round the clock support for your technical, non-technical and sales related queries as you purchase Chily Memory Optimizer. Contact us at